The results are in on women’s jeans!

March 12, 2009

After polling whether guys should or should not wear women’s jeans, 65% of you think that men…


Well lads, seems like it’s time to discard the tightness of women’s jeans and opt for the comfier, bollock-friendly option of men’s jeans. The fashion police have spoken.

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If you never want kids, wear women’s jeans

February 23, 2009

For those of you familiar to Facebook, you will have seen the chain mail going round where you have to write 25 facts about yourself and tag your friends in the note for them look at. One friend, who shall remain nameless, tagged me to his note:

25 facts about me…

1. im not going to be a teenager soon, bad times!

2. Im from bournville, and it has a choclate factory

3. but i dont live in that factory, contrary to popular to belief

4. i wear womens jeans. get over it :]

A bit too far on the women's jeans?

A bit too far on the women's jeans?

Obvious grammar and spelling mistakes aside, hopefully you can see why I stopped at point four. This is not the first guy I have heard confess to this, and while I still find this little revelation quite shocking, if you look at his legs, it is not totally unsurprising.

I would like to say at this point that this is something I cannot admit to doing, as I’m sure anyone who has seen me in a pair shorts will testify. My thighs fill out even the loosest jeans.

What the government doesn't tell you about Britain's weight problems

What the government doesn't tell you about Britain's weight problems

But has our nation really become so thin that even men’s skinny jeans just aren’t skinny enough? Surely not. Do oversized women wear men’s jeans? I’m not so sure. Are there no skinny jeans available for the chicken-legged men in our nation? Apparently so. And to think that there are countless MP’s harping on about how we are an obese nation.

Weight issues aside, surely the sheer embarrassment of having to go into a store to purchase a pair would put you off? Yes, I know there is online shopping, but these guys would have at least once gone into a shop to try the sizes. How are we supposed to know whether a size 6 will fit us or not? Well, I wouldn’t anyway.

The next craze sweeping menswear

The next craze sweeping menswear

And if it’s women’s jeans today, what will it be tomorrow? Perhaps we will be wearing their shorts and look reminiscent of John McInroe in his heyday. Why stop there? How about we go the whole hog and wear their knickers? I can see it now, the oversized male population queuing round the corner of Ann Summers to get our bra sizes measured and fitted.

We don’t know what the future holds, but if guys are actively trying to cut off all circulation to their ‘man area’ by squeezing into a woman’s pair of jeans, then we need not worry as there won’t be one. We have one fundamental job on this planet and that is to reproduce, but our desire to wear women’s jeans will prevent this happening.

Should guys be wearing women’s jeans? Should they be wearing any of their clothing at all? Tell me what you think!