The final post…

April 22, 2009

The final post
After two months of gruelling work… well, just work, the blog has finally come to an end. Make-up, straighteners and tears have gone into writing this. Emotional? Fancy a little cry? Well don’t, it’s unmanly. Or is it?

A distraught reader

A distraught reader

I have been trying to create debate over these past two months about what is acceptable and what isn’t by the modern male. At times, debate has lacked, such as in a previous post I was asked what sandwich I had, a minor detail of the post, rather than debating my points. Thanks Kerry.

It also seems guys have been hiding somewhere, not sure where, but somewhere in a place where they don’t comment on blogs. Come on guys, this is about you!

It may seem at times the writing has been quite hypocritical in that I believe that it is okay to use straighteners, then go on a rant and champion their cause, then go off on one about how I hate wearing pink.

Yes, arguments may have, at times, been unbalanced, but you should respect my opinion, even if you don’t like it, and then leave a comment to debate it. It seems guys were more willing to give me verbal feedback, or text me, or MSN me, or Facebook me… but not comment on the blog!

Anyway, this all sounds a little too serious for the blog. I hope you have enjoyed reading this as much as I have done writing it. So, for one last time, the poll is in… Is Zac Efron the unmanliest guy EVER?

You mop that brow Zefron! It was close, hence the sweating, but you arent the most unmanly guy... yet

You mop that brow Zefron! It was close, hence the sweating, but you aren't the most unmanly guy... yet

52% of you said… No!

It was close, so we are still searching for the unmanliest guy. Could it be YOU? I’m going to leave the poll up still in the hope that it will change!


Hopefully this blog has proven that you don’t have to be a stereotypical alpha male all the time, doing the unmanly thing doesn’t necessarily make you gay. It just makes you less straight. Ha! Jokes.

I hope you have learnt a few lessons from this, like how to execute a good handshake, Scott and Ryan did, or that it is really okay to listen to music that 12-year-old girls like, such as McFly. There are some valuable life lessons in this for you.

Anyway, no more ramblings, please look around the rest of the site and have a look at older posts!

Thanks again for reading.


p.s. This site is top of the 2nd page, or 11th place, in a Google search if you type the word ‘unmanly’. Tidy.


Russell Brand: Man in Meggings

April 4, 2009

It seems to me that if guys want to do/wear anything unmanly, you just find something that women do/wear and add the word ‘man’ or ‘men’ in front of it.

brandLet me show you:

Man + Mascara = Manscara
Man + Bikini = Mankini
Men + Leggings = Meggings

Sorry, what? Meggings? Yes, that is right. We’ve all heard of Robin Hood: Men in Tights, but meggings are probably my most shocking finds to date in this Unmanly Blog.

Now, I thought my friend Brad was just throwing words together for a laugh, even google asked me: “Do you mean leggings?

Scrolling down, though, I did find results for meggings. Quite a few in fact. And quite a few mentions of that modern day metrosexual/reformed sex addict Russell Brand. All of a sudden, everything started to make sense.

For anyone who has seen Russell Brand do stand-up, it’s vulgar, smutty and a bit airy-fairy. He floats around the stage like a ballerina, throwing in a little skip here, a lunge there. But doing this in jeans would be a restricting task and probably take away from the camp persona.

Perhaps this is how he has become such a hit with the ladies and I am wrong to mock meggings. Perhaps the tightness shows off his ‘chap’ in such an alluring way that women love him. Perhaps meggings are the stockings of the male world.

Who knows, I for one certainly don’t see this catching on.

Is it unmanly to comment on blogs?

April 1, 2009

Because most guys don’t!

The majority of comments have been from women when I am trying to spark a serious debate about lad culture.

So, come on lads, have a read and leave me a comment!


Zac Efron

March 26, 2009

As I am busy writing a post, I get a message off a friend on MSN…

The unmanliest of men?

The unmanliest of men?

beck. says:
get to london. the most unmanliest man is at his movie premier.
beck. says:
zefron. high school musical & hairspray extraordinaire.
stui says:
beck. says:
i swear if i had even £5 i’d be there at that premier.
stui says:
why’s that?
beck. says:
because I love him and his ridiculous gay-face
beck. says:
i mean he goes to tanning beds for christs sake.
beck. says:
moisturises etc. apparently it takes him longer than his missus to get ready too.

So is Zac Efron the unmanliest man in the world? Debate this please, and vote in the poll located on the sidebar.

And the results of the last poll concluded that…

Men should NOT cry at films.

It was close but 54% of you thought not to just edge it.

Confessions of an unmanly man

March 23, 2009

Here is a Facebook status I stumbled across yesterday, though it was from a couple of weeks ago…

Nick Bennion cant wait 4 2moz night goin 2 watch shopaholic with my beautiful fiancee xxx

This is in reference to the film, Confessions of a Shopaholic. I know I’m not one to talk, but…


Beer can actually make you turn into a woman…

March 5, 2009

Well, those people sticking to the alcopops may be unmanly, but at least they won’t be turning into women anytime soon. Have a read of this!


HA! Yeah, as if beer could turn you into a woman. Had you worried though.

The very definition of unmanly

February 20, 2009

I asked what the definition of ‘unmanly‘ was… here is the answer:

un⋅man⋅ly [uhn-man-lee]
–adjective, -li⋅er, -li⋅est.
1. not manly; not characteristic of or befitting a man; weak, timid, or cowardly.
2. effeminate.

I then searched ‘unmanly‘ on google image search, and this the first one to appear. Do you see the direct correlation between the definition and image? Thought so.

Grandmas Christmas present was being put to good use

Grandma's Christmas present was being put to good use

Why not look at the Men Behaving Unmanly page?