I got ‘Notebooked’, will you?

March 2, 2009

One of my friends, ‘Mr F’, has recently started seeing a girl, and here is a conversation he had with one of his mates the other day:

Mr B: Have you been ‘Notebooked’ yet?
Mr F: What do you mean?
Mr B: Has she made you made you watch the Notebook yet?
Mr F: No.
Mr B: Well, don’t do it cos it will make you cry.

Mr B

Mr B

I piped up at this point and said that I had been ‘Notebooked’, not by my girlfriend, but by my male housemate.

Now, I don’t know whether this was a wise idea, like letting people know that I had seen McFly three times, but I am prone to these little slips. Then again, Mr B was the one who talked about crying.

Blokes seem to not watch these films, and I don’t think it’s the fear of crying making them avoid movies like The Notebook, a great movie and even better book (apparently, I don’t do reading), it is the title of ‘chick flick’.

The only exception is when they watch these movies with the missus because they are safe in the knowledge that they are reluctantly watching it to keep her sweet… or are they?

The excitement of getting Ps I Love You for Xmas was obvious to see

The excitement of getting Ps I Love You for Xmas was obvious to see

There are many films out there which class as chick-flicks that I have thoroughly enjoyed, such as Ps I Love You, which, much to my delight and surprise, my girlfriend bought me for Christmas. I wonder what she is trying to say? Perhaps that I harp on about that film ALL the time.

But that is because these films can actually be quite amusing and are very easy to watch, if not a little soppy even and predictable, but are ignorantly dismissed before watching because of their genre classing.

Many people will know about my love of Hugh Grant films. Well, this comes from my Dad’s incessant viewing of Notting Hill, where Hugh, as ever, plays the type-cast charismatic, witty and loveable rogue. Grant is the modern hero of the rom-com.

Hugh 'Rom-Com' Grant

Hugh 'Rom-Com' Grant

There will be many closet-Grant fans out there. When you’ve watched action and horror films to death and your Tom Cruise adrenaline rushes fade, kicking back and watching timeless classics such as About a Boy will more than fill the void of Top Gun.

There will be many doubters out there, but I tell you to embrace these types of films, whether you watch with your mates or your girlfriend. However, Mr F, if you do get ‘Notebooked’, I feel that crying may do you more harm than good in the eyes of your mates and your new lady.