Russell Brand: Man in Meggings

April 4, 2009

It seems to me that if guys want to do/wear anything unmanly, you just find something that women do/wear and add the word ‘man’ or ‘men’ in front of it.

brandLet me show you:

Man + Mascara = Manscara
Man + Bikini = Mankini
Men + Leggings = Meggings

Sorry, what? Meggings? Yes, that is right. We’ve all heard of Robin Hood: Men in Tights, but meggings are probably my most shocking finds to date in this Unmanly Blog.

Now, I thought my friend Brad was just throwing words together for a laugh, even google asked me: “Do you mean leggings?

Scrolling down, though, I did find results for meggings. Quite a few in fact. And quite a few mentions of that modern day metrosexual/reformed sex addict Russell Brand. All of a sudden, everything started to make sense.

For anyone who has seen Russell Brand do stand-up, it’s vulgar, smutty and a bit airy-fairy. He floats around the stage like a ballerina, throwing in a little skip here, a lunge there. But doing this in jeans would be a restricting task and probably take away from the camp persona.

Perhaps this is how he has become such a hit with the ladies and I am wrong to mock meggings. Perhaps the tightness shows off his ‘chap’ in such an alluring way that women love him. Perhaps meggings are the stockings of the male world.

Who knows, I for one certainly don’t see this catching on.