How to know if you’re a ‘metrosexual’ by some ridiculous test

February 26, 2009

Ever wondered whether you are a metrosexual? No, me neither. Well, apparently these are the telling signs.

I found this little questionnaire on Here is a quick breakdown of the questions and my answers:

1. Do gay men hit on you? Yes
2. Do you carry a purse? No, but my Dad does.
3. How do you feel about your socks? Ridiculous question. They keep my feet warm.
4. Do you wear tighty whities? Ha, no.
5. Do you use more than one product in your hair? Yes
6. Have you ever used hair removal services other than shaving? No
7. Do you receive spa services? No
8. Do you borrow products from the women in your life? Not that they know of…

Stupid questionnaire, I’ve gained nothing from that apart from the knowledge that metrosexuals really care about their socks. To see this in depth, click here.

p.s. Can anyone please tell me the definition of a metrosexual sock? Cheers!