Real men wear pink… apparently

March 26, 2009
We’ve all been there. Some grease-haired, spotty, jumped-up little twerp in a pink Hackett polo shirt trying to pick a fight, only for you to laugh at him and his horde of chav friends shouting ‘brrrrrap’ in your face.


Scary? Not really. Most of them turn out to be all mouth and no trousers and the only frightening thing about this experience is the pink polo shirts they had all donned. Their matching clothing and angry stance makes them look like a female rugby team… but worse.

The pink ‘craze’ started a few years back, and while it is dying out (thank goodness!), blokes always found something appealing about wearing pink clothing.

tl-real_men_wear_pink_shirt1My girlfriend tried to get me wearing pink a few years back but I managed to hold my ground and refrained from climbing aboard that bandwagon.

You will never catch me wearing pink (except one photo from a birthday floating around where I was made to wear a pink hat, much to the amusement of Ross who had to take a photo of the momentus occassion). The simple fact is, I just don’t like the colour. But why do guys wear pink?

Perhaps men thought it showed their feminine side? Maybe it was a bold statement to say they were comfortable with their sexuality? Or it was possibly all an act of attention seeking.


For me, men wearing pink clothing always makes me think of chavs, and there is nothing alluring about that.

However, it has been said many a time before, real men wear pink. Sorry? Real men wear pink? What’s wrong with blue?

Man + Handkerchief = Mankerchief?

Man + Handkerchief = Mankerchief?

Here is an extract from a mens fashion website – “If you’re still not convinced how great pink is, women love pink and are more likely to give you a second glance.”

There you go, that’s the money-shot. Women give you a second glance because wearing pink apparently makes you more attractive.

Here’s another little extract – “A man who wears pink exudes confidence, yet is sensitive.”

Well, bugger me. It also has the powers to change personality traits as well. Perhaps this is where many guys have been going wrong and we should all glam ourselves up in pink clothing, but remember to take a handkerchief for those teary, senstive moments.

Rubbish. There is nothing sensitive about pink clothing. A chav in a pink Hackett polo shirt will prove this point for you.