The final post…

April 22, 2009

The final post
After two months of gruelling work… well, just work, the blog has finally come to an end. Make-up, straighteners and tears have gone into writing this. Emotional? Fancy a little cry? Well don’t, it’s unmanly. Or is it?

A distraught reader

A distraught reader

I have been trying to create debate over these past two months about what is acceptable and what isn’t by the modern male. At times, debate has lacked, such as in a previous post I was asked what sandwich I had, a minor detail of the post, rather than debating my points. Thanks Kerry.

It also seems guys have been hiding somewhere, not sure where, but somewhere in a place where they don’t comment on blogs. Come on guys, this is about you!

It may seem at times the writing has been quite hypocritical in that I believe that it is okay to use straighteners, then go on a rant and champion their cause, then go off on one about how I hate wearing pink.

Yes, arguments may have, at times, been unbalanced, but you should respect my opinion, even if you don’t like it, and then leave a comment to debate it. It seems guys were more willing to give me verbal feedback, or text me, or MSN me, or Facebook me… but not comment on the blog!

Anyway, this all sounds a little too serious for the blog. I hope you have enjoyed reading this as much as I have done writing it. So, for one last time, the poll is in… Is Zac Efron the unmanliest guy EVER?

You mop that brow Zefron! It was close, hence the sweating, but you arent the most unmanly guy... yet

You mop that brow Zefron! It was close, hence the sweating, but you aren't the most unmanly guy... yet

52% of you said… No!

It was close, so we are still searching for the unmanliest guy. Could it be YOU? I’m going to leave the poll up still in the hope that it will change!


Hopefully this blog has proven that you don’t have to be a stereotypical alpha male all the time, doing the unmanly thing doesn’t necessarily make you gay. It just makes you less straight. Ha! Jokes.

I hope you have learnt a few lessons from this, like how to execute a good handshake, Scott and Ryan did, or that it is really okay to listen to music that 12-year-old girls like, such as McFly. There are some valuable life lessons in this for you.

Anyway, no more ramblings, please look around the rest of the site and have a look at older posts!

Thanks again for reading.


p.s. This site is top of the 2nd page, or 11th place, in a Google search if you type the word ‘unmanly’. Tidy.


Manshakes, The Apprentice and drunken arguments

April 17, 2009

First of all, it seems as though my handshake post had an influence on a couple of people, namely Ryan Walker and Scott Wilkins (who scored 2/10 and 5/10 respectively).

I was greeted not by limp, wet kipper, but in fact by two firm manshakes with added eye contact and smiles. Scott even through in a cheeky wink, just for good measure.

Anyway, handshake improvements all round, well done lads.

Philip The Apprentice Taylor, not to be confused with Phil The Power Taylor

Philip The Apprentice Taylor, not to be confused with Phil The Power Taylor

Secondly, moving on to my favourite show of the week, The Apprentice. I was too busy laughing at Ben’s aggressive performance in the boardroom (“Let’s talk about £5 and £700 if you want to talk about idiots”) to notice that Philip wears make-up and straightens his hair.

Adrian Chiles pointed this out for me on The Apprentice: You’re Fired. It takes a brave man to admit this on national telly, whether you consider it unmanly or not. I commend you on your bravery, Phil, but not on the make-up. Maybe I’m just jealous he carries it off better than I did.

Round One - Ryan (Top) vs Scott (Bottom)

Round One - Ryan (Top) vs Scott (Bottom)

And finally, moving on to last night’s shenanigans. After a lovely evening of throwing shapes all across the dance floor, I was looking forward to enjoying my Subway sandwich on the way home in the car.

Unfortunately, my moment with the sandwich was ruined by what can only be described as petty squabbling on the back seat.

I’m not sure what started the debate, but Ryan and Scott, now buoyed by their handshake improvements, went on for half an hour about whether drinking a VK is as manly as drinking a beer.

As it got more heated (I blame the Stella at £1.30 a bottle), I got more involved and somehow accusations were soon running rife of me wearing pink. I can guarantee this has never happened (silly hats don’t count).

However, their squabbling backed-up what my blog is all about. One of them asked the other (I can’t remember which way round it was) why is it considered more manly to drink beer? The other replied that it’s like why boys wear blue and girls wear pink. There is no reasoning, it’s all about society.

I feel that over the past few weeks, this blog has created debates amongst my friends, which is what I set out to achieve. Keep debating guys! I’m sure this isn’t the last I will hear from Scott and Ryan… await round two.

Real men wear pink… apparently

March 26, 2009
We’ve all been there. Some grease-haired, spotty, jumped-up little twerp in a pink Hackett polo shirt trying to pick a fight, only for you to laugh at him and his horde of chav friends shouting ‘brrrrrap’ in your face.


Scary? Not really. Most of them turn out to be all mouth and no trousers and the only frightening thing about this experience is the pink polo shirts they had all donned. Their matching clothing and angry stance makes them look like a female rugby team… but worse.

The pink ‘craze’ started a few years back, and while it is dying out (thank goodness!), blokes always found something appealing about wearing pink clothing.

tl-real_men_wear_pink_shirt1My girlfriend tried to get me wearing pink a few years back but I managed to hold my ground and refrained from climbing aboard that bandwagon.

You will never catch me wearing pink (except one photo from a birthday floating around where I was made to wear a pink hat, much to the amusement of Ross who had to take a photo of the momentus occassion). The simple fact is, I just don’t like the colour. But why do guys wear pink?

Perhaps men thought it showed their feminine side? Maybe it was a bold statement to say they were comfortable with their sexuality? Or it was possibly all an act of attention seeking.


For me, men wearing pink clothing always makes me think of chavs, and there is nothing alluring about that.

However, it has been said many a time before, real men wear pink. Sorry? Real men wear pink? What’s wrong with blue?

Man + Handkerchief = Mankerchief?

Man + Handkerchief = Mankerchief?

Here is an extract from a mens fashion website – “If you’re still not convinced how great pink is, women love pink and are more likely to give you a second glance.”

There you go, that’s the money-shot. Women give you a second glance because wearing pink apparently makes you more attractive.

Here’s another little extract – “A man who wears pink exudes confidence, yet is sensitive.”

Well, bugger me. It also has the powers to change personality traits as well. Perhaps this is where many guys have been going wrong and we should all glam ourselves up in pink clothing, but remember to take a handkerchief for those teary, senstive moments.

Rubbish. There is nothing sensitive about pink clothing. A chav in a pink Hackett polo shirt will prove this point for you.