March 17, 2009

Oh no, I’ve turned you into a massiver gay than you already were!” – Kerry Freeman, 14/03/09

This was my girlfriend’s reaction to my recent conversion to drinking wine after years of staying away. I’m not entirely sure that drinking wine was at my most ‘gay’ as she is yet to see these photos.

Manscara and guyliner. Make-up for guys. You can buy it in shops like Superdrug! I would have bought these products but as a student I am waaaaay too poor to be splashing out on such “luxuries”, so I borrowed them off a friend.

It’s not to everyones taste, but I thought I would go a bit experimental and see what the appeal is and just how easy it is to apply. Here are the results…

It’s definately not worth it! The manscara wasn’t so bad to put on, but the guyliner hurts and it makes you look like a drag queen. No offence to the drag queens out there.

The worst part is that it’s a pain in the bloody arse to get off, something I found out when I did this the first time – the pictures didn’t come out so I had to do it again – and as my friend Francis pointed out, I wasn’t the only thing running in the gym… my make-up was too.

Manscara and guyliner… no thanks.