Britain: It’s an alcopop nation…

February 18, 2009

The term ‘ladette’ was a phrase coined by the media to describe ‘young women who behave in a boisterously assertive or crude manner and engage in heavy drinking sessions’. Simply put, they were behaving like men, and over the last few years this has become ever more obvious, I mean just look at Jodie Marsh. But are we dawning on a new era?

Drinking alcopops make you even start to look like a girl

Drinking alcopops make you even start to look like a girl

There has been a culture shift so unnerving, it even makes the most radical feminist movements pale into insignificance, because as women move towards pints, men move towards alcopops. Even the stars of WKD adverts are men! No, but it’s okay because the way they are advertised is in a playful, laddish side… (I can almost hear the groans from 50-year-old men in my local as one young lad orders a ‘Red WicKeD’).

On a serious note, the fruit flavours make young teens start early on the drinking, no doubt a factor in teenage pregnancy and violence, as the movement away from the social drinker becomes less. I mean, what guy goes for a swift VK apple after football? We now live in a world where people go out to get drunk, not to enjoy drink.

Living in stoke, violence is prevalent and lurks everywhere, and no-more so than the LRV, our student union. I don’t want to sound rude, but any guy in a rugby top, muscles bulging and mumbling, baritone, potty-mouth cannot be taken seriously when holding a Reef. So what if you are going to bash my head in, you are the one drinking a Reef, mate.

Now this sounds like I am anti-alcopop, I’m not. Between my pints of Spitfire and bottles of Waggledance (a refreshing honey-ale), you may find me supping on such a beverage. Sorry to disappoint you Dad, but the modern day pallet is just not accustomed to drinking 10 pints, a kebab and a whiskey nightcap.

The new era of lad culture allows me to drink an alcopop without anyone batting an eyelid, just don’t expect me to act the hard guy while drinking one.


Should guys drink alcopops? Leave a comment and let me know what you think.