Man crushes

April 20, 2009

Over the Easter period I worked in the stockroom of Clarks shoe shop in Bicester Village. Not very glamorous, I know, but money is money. However, the daily grind of work was not as bad as the daily grind of Radio 1.

After Moyles has gone, it’s just not worth listening anymore. The incessant repetition of songs that I loathe (Lady Gaga), which is pretty much every song on there, is enough to turn anyone insane.

Anyway, in the afternoon on Edith Bowman’s show, she had Hugh Jackman, star of the X-Men films, as a guest on her show. Now, the bloke seemed charming enough, but one guy text in to say he had developed a ‘man crush’ on him.

I had to go home and do a quick Google search because, as anyone will tell you, I am no film-buff. If it isn’t Hugh Grant, I have trouble putting an actors/actresses name to their face. But did I immediately have a man crush? No. Why not?

Simon Mills wrote an article for The Guardian, describing a man crush as ‘platonic, heterosexual man-on-man adoration’. It seems that it is more to do with idolisation and infatuation without any sexual connotations.

Who is your man crush?

Who is your man crush?

Now, ask fan if they would kiss David Beckham and I’m sure they would because, let’s be honest, he is a demigod. Now, is it because of his looks? No. It is his ability to kick a ball. But my, doesn’t he do it well.

In a recent conversation, a friend of mine said that he would let Peter Crouch do something to him that was rather coarse that I am not sure it can be repeated on this blog, nor on any website aimed at people over 18.

If you are reading this, Mr Unnamed Person, that is so far past a man crush that you should probably consider your sexuality.

Anyway, that aside, over the years it seems that we have learnt from our western-European chums (or enemies, if that is how you feel about them) about affection.

You can read about my views on man kisses in the Q&A section, but it does appear that male affection has led us to man crushes.

No longer are we greeted with a handshake, strong or limp, but with a cuddle, kiss and a grope. And the more we drink, the friendlier we get. We are worse than girls these days. It seems the natural progression from a man-cuddle is then a man-kiss, to a man-grope, ending up at a man crush.

Mike Myers said of Justin Timberlake: ‘You meet Justin and I ask you if it’s not appropriate for me to have a man crush. He is the most talented human being I have ever met.’

It seems that even celebs have celebrity man crushes. Therefore, vis-a-vis, it’s okay to have one yourself. Or maybe not.

Jesus Christ - Number 1 man crush

Jesus Christ - Number 1 man crush

Many of us joke about it, but in reality, when if it came down to it and Becks was really there on a plate for our taking… we would back out.

I don’t think man crushes are real in heterosexuals, it is just mere idolisation of one seen as superior. So superior, in fact, that Jesus Christ is the number one man crush on Nice beard…

And on a totally separate note…

I would like to end this post by congratulating my brother and sister-in-law on the birth of their second
daughter, Abigail Lewis, on Saturday night. In typical Lewis fashion, she was late.

Still, they were lucky it was a girl as my suggestion of Larry Lamb Lewis for a boy didn’t go down too well. Larry Lamb is a nice guy, and has a great ring to it. Never mind. I will just save it for my first lad! Well, if I don’t develop a man crush and turn gay, that is.

Got a man crush? Why not tell us all about him!