The very definition of unmanly

February 20, 2009

I asked what the definition of ‘unmanly‘ was… here is the answer:

un⋅man⋅ly [uhn-man-lee]
–adjective, -li⋅er, -li⋅est.
1. not manly; not characteristic of or befitting a man; weak, timid, or cowardly.
2. effeminate.

I then searched ‘unmanly‘ on google image search, and this the first one to appear. Do you see the direct correlation between the definition and image? Thought so.

Grandmas Christmas present was being put to good use

Grandma's Christmas present was being put to good use

Why not look at the Men Behaving Unmanly page?


The new era of lad culture

February 17, 2009
Like you, I have an interest in football, girls and beer (do I sound ‘man’ enough yet?). But, at the same time, do you wonder whether it is acceptable to watch that Hugh Grant film or listen to Girls Aloud just because you are a guy?

You all know these type of blokes. One minute they will be perusing their FHM magazine (no doubt looking at the ‘bit of crumpet’ on page 34), only to turn your head for a split second to realise that they are in fact now reading this weeks copy of More magazine, wondering about how Alexa Chung’s relationship with Alex Turner is coming along. Are they just intrigued, or fully interested? What normally starts as a quick glance at the problem pages – cos lets face it, they are pretty funny – turns into something more of an in depth read.

Now, there will be guys reading this and wondering whether there are actually guys like this who aren’t actually gay? Trust me, there are.

In today’s world of hair straighteners and manicures, the effeminate guy – or ‘metrosexual’ – is further distancing us from the lad culture that there once was.