Unmanly footballers

footballers are often known as being quite manly, John Terry, Wayne Rooney, Steven Gerrard (and Dave Nugent if you must) etc are not exactly people you would describe as effeminate. So who is the most unmanly footballer of the present or recent past? Cristiano Ronaldo? David Ginola? Robert Pires? El Hadji Diouf? Perhaps most members of the Italian national side for the last 4 or 5 major tournaments? I’d like to hear your theory on this one”
– Danny Dodd

Well, Danny, while some footballers are very concerned with their looks, there is one more so than any other, and shocks me that you have overlooked him. While Cristiano Ronaldo is the current effeminate number 7 at Manchester United (see him with man bag here) you forget his predecessor, David Beckham.

Wearing Victoria’s sarongs, his aftershave range… you name it, Becks has probs done it or worn it. Just look at the neatly plucked eyebrows and manicured hands. As he is undoubtedly just as, if not more, recognisable than the Queen, he is constantly a target for the paparazzi and needs to be well-groomed at all times.

I do agree with your statement about the Italians, but the nation that we should be most wary of is Brazil. According to my friend Claire, who has journeyed there on many occasion, all Brazilians have manicures.

I mean, if you are going on the looks of Ronaldinho and Ronaldo (not Cristiano, the original one), they haven’t got a lot going. Maybe looking after their cuticles attracts the women… or it could be the money and fame. However, I need to do more research into this one about the Brazilians.


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