Ugg boots

“hi stu, as you may very well no, i am a huge fan of tom cruise, and rarely have a bad comment to say about him. however, i also have a certain hate for ugg boots, worn by… i would say 80% of the women and girls you see in any shopping centre. in an earlyer cruise film, (eyes wide shut) tom sports a pair of these boots…this is waay before this mad love for them. can you be unmanley for wearing something that is worn by women 10 years later?”Thomas Winter

I do know of your love for Tom Cruise. I see you have a lot in common with him, mainly the name and the height problem… mainly the lack of it.

Okay, I don’t know a lot of Tom Cruise films, unless it is Top Gun. Classic. But what I do know is that wearing ugg boots is a mere crime against fashion.

It does not matter whether he wore them 10 years before girls started wearing them, if I am to believe this fact to be true, because they are just so unfashionable and horrible. They look like a girls boot, even if girls weren’t wearing them then.

In other walks of life, this may not be the case. If men are doing something before women, but then women STEAL our ideas, then it isn’t unmanly. Unless what men are doing is wearing an ugg boot.

Ugg boots should be left to women in the winter, it is s-no-w joke (see what I did there?) to see a man wearing them. Yuck.


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