Man kisses

This one is a joint effort…

Just read a load of the posts on your blog mate and i’ve gotta say it is brilliant. keep it up mate. [note: no kiss here, is that unmanly?] – Danny Dodd

stu this [a Facebook group] is busy! x (if you havnt already write about how men put kisses at the end of texts to eachother as being unmanly, dont say i dont ever do anything for you mate) – Ed Poulter

I’ve decided to combine both of these as Danny asked the question, but Ed originally posed this.

Reading through my text messages from guys, I would say about 95% of them have either a singular kiss or multiple kisses at the end. Is this unmanly? Well, it’s debatable. I would say this is acceptable, as you aren’t actually kissing the guy. What’s a bit of affection between friends, eh?

Saying that, it is normally for people that you are close with, or at least know on a reasonable level. To people you have just met or barely speak to, I would advise against kisses on the end of messages. But what about kisses between guys in everyday life?

In this day and age, man-hugs are acceptable. There can be something quite manly about the man-hug. Sometimes, this even extends to a man-kiss on the cheek, though this will only be for the French and the drunks.

I think if the words ‘hug’ and ‘kiss’ are preceded by the word ‘man’, it makes them fine.


2 Responses to Man kisses

  1. James Clarke says:

    Sorry Stu – but kisses between men, even in a drunken state – not really acceptable. I have been known to participate in this activity, but it is certainly not manly.

    Are the continentals manly? I don’t think so.

  2. Frank says:

    I’m with JC on this one, from what I can remember quite a lot of manly kissing occurred last night (Stu, Ryan and Scott main culprits, possibly because they were the most hammered). Definitely would not count it as manly behaviour though… x

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