Girls Aloud

Ok stu, here’s one for you.

Is it unmanly for me to like Girls aloud (here comes the controversial bit) not just because they are all fit, including the ginger one, but because i genuinely like their songs? sounds of the underground and jump for my love are particular favourites of mine. I’d love to buy an album of theirs one day, but I’m scared of the unmanly repercussions and potential backlash from my peers that may happen as a result of me doing so. Scott Wilkins

Thanks for the question, Scott. But had you been bothered to search around my blog, you would have been able to see my views on Girls Aloud under the ‘Films/Music you shouldn’t like, but do’ section.

I’m also glad that someone likes the ginger one, she isn’t that bad, despite the views of The Ego (Chris Moyles). To be honest, apart from their most recent tune, Untouchable, which sounds like any other dance tune I’ve ever heard, they write original, catchy tunes!

I believe you shouldn’t be afraid to walk into HMV and pick up an album, you could always say it’s for your girlfriend. Or, alternatively, order online.

To be honest, Scott, if they were cool enough to play at V Festival, it’s cool enough to buy their CDs in the shops. As a great man once told me: “Never be embarrassed about your music!”

I think you will agree that those were some wise words from a wise man.

That’s my advice for the day.


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