Body hair

Stu, being a man of little body hair, I do not have too much of a problem in terms of needing to remove it (nether-regions aside). It would, however, interest me to know whether you consider it unmanly to remove body hair – i.e. in the case Frank Lampard. (No kisses) James Clarke

No kisses? Harsh! Like you said, Jimothy, you’ve never been much of a hairy one. I’ve never seen you with a beard, so I don’t imagine you to have a hairy chest. As for your nether-regions… I will let you decide what you do with that hair.

As a champion for hairy chests, I would say it is a crime to rid yourself of the man rug. However, if you can’t grow one then that’s unlucky. And for those with a few sprouting hairs (Scott Wilkins), then you may as well get rid of them all.

But otherwise, it’s no deal Noel on the body hair removal. Unless you are a swimmer, apparently it makes you more streamline.

I think trimming is okay, you can’t have it going out of control, but if God blessed you with the joys of a chest wig, why not embrace it and enjoy it? It works for Austin Powers, so why not the rest of us?

No offence to your hero, James, but I think Frank Lampard has gone down in my estimations.


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