This result of drinking and karaoke…

x-factorOn Saturday morning I woke up to find a letter in the post addressed to myself. I looked at the envelope intently for a clue as to what it was. Not a sausage.

I opened it up and was expecting some sort of junk mail telling me I had won a holiday. This was worse… the letter told me I had an audition for the X-Factor on April 12th.

It turns out that after my karaoke session a while back (which we talked about in a previous post), I returned home to find my girlfriend had put a link on my Facebook profile to sign up for the X-Factor. This seemed like a cracking idea at the time.

I think the ulterior motive was so that she could come with an meet Simon Cowell, but we had both lost hope when we thought nothing had come of my application. Turns out we were wrong.

But am I going? No. I will be passing up my opportunity at stardom for a career with my Dad. Sorry world, you just aren’t ready yet.


5 Responses to This result of drinking and karaoke…

  1. Claire says:

    you have the chance to be on TV and ur passing it up mr lewis??! hehhe you should go for it .. it would be AWESOME! Stu goes undercover to find out what auditioning for XFactor is actually like… you could get some amazing stories =P

    Move over Zac Effron Poll … you should be polling how many of us think you should do the audition!

  2. nicolaj88 says:

    STU!! I got mine too! The letter made me too scared to go. Is it O2 arena in May? 9am are they havin a laugh! x

  3. Danielle says:

    i cannot believe that you could be meeting cheryl cole right now and your not!!! are u actually mental????!!?!
    it may be the most un manly thing you have ever done as she is (i dont mind saying it) beautiful xxxx

  4. stuartpeterkeithlewis says:

    Ha, unfortunately Dani, I would have had to gone through several auditions I feel before I could meet Simon Cowell and the rest.

    The first round of auditions aren’t the telly ones, they only let the good, the maybes, the horrendously bad, the hilarious and the Louis Walsh fans get through.

    Anyone who is distinctly average or bad, it’s no deal Noel.

  5. Sunny says:

    You look unmanly in that picture with that toit top showing your arms.
    Is playing Singstar unmanly? :p

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