Zac Efron

As I am busy writing a post, I get a message off a friend on MSN…

The unmanliest of men?

The unmanliest of men?

beck. says:
get to london. the most unmanliest man is at his movie premier.
beck. says:
zefron. high school musical & hairspray extraordinaire.
stui says:
beck. says:
i swear if i had even £5 i’d be there at that premier.
stui says:
why’s that?
beck. says:
because I love him and his ridiculous gay-face
beck. says:
i mean he goes to tanning beds for christs sake.
beck. says:
moisturises etc. apparently it takes him longer than his missus to get ready too.

So is Zac Efron the unmanliest man in the world? Debate this please, and vote in the poll located on the sidebar.

And the results of the last poll concluded that…

Men should NOT cry at films.

It was close but 54% of you thought not to just edge it.


8 Responses to Zac Efron

  1. kerry says:

    How is Zac Efron the unmanliest man in the world? So what if he sings, dances and acts…he also plays a very talented basketball star and has a really fit girlfriend? So if you do judge him to be unmanly I think he might just check out Vanessa Hudgens, the hoardes of fans and his bank balance and probably not care..

  2. Charlotte Lewis says:

    I LOVE HIM!! Back off stuart i love him …. i hate you ha! Joke.. he is more manly then you… and hes beautiful…. x

  3. Becky says:

    He’s my favourite! ❤ 😀

  4. Katie says:



  5. Sunny says:

    I LOVE ZAC EFRON! Other men are just jealous of him and i’m not just saying that, it’s true. I totally agree with kerry above.
    He’s not unmanly. What counts as manly then? A bloke with a skinhead, tats and a can of wifebeater in his hand?
    Leave Zac Efron alone. He’s beautiful and legal x

  6. stuartpeterkeithlewis says:

    Woah, it wasn’t me knocking the Zefron, I was only going on what Becky said!

  7. Sunny says:

    Sorrrrry! In conclusion to your question then answer is no. 😉 x

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