If you never want kids, wear women’s jeans

For those of you familiar to Facebook, you will have seen the chain mail going round where you have to write 25 facts about yourself and tag your friends in the note for them look at. One friend, who shall remain nameless, tagged me to his note:

25 facts about me…

1. im not going to be a teenager soon, bad times!

2. Im from bournville, and it has a choclate factory

3. but i dont live in that factory, contrary to popular to belief

4. i wear womens jeans. get over it :]

A bit too far on the women's jeans?

A bit too far on the women's jeans?

Obvious grammar and spelling mistakes aside, hopefully you can see why I stopped at point four. This is not the first guy I have heard confess to this, and while I still find this little revelation quite shocking, if you look at his legs, it is not totally unsurprising.

I would like to say at this point that this is something I cannot admit to doing, as I’m sure anyone who has seen me in a pair shorts will testify. My thighs fill out even the loosest jeans.

What the government doesn't tell you about Britain's weight problems

What the government doesn't tell you about Britain's weight problems

But has our nation really become so thin that even men’s skinny jeans just aren’t skinny enough? Surely not. Do oversized women wear men’s jeans? I’m not so sure. Are there no skinny jeans available for the chicken-legged men in our nation? Apparently so. And to think that there are countless MP’s harping on about how we are an obese nation.

Weight issues aside, surely the sheer embarrassment of having to go into a store to purchase a pair would put you off? Yes, I know there is online shopping, but these guys would have at least once gone into a shop to try the sizes. How are we supposed to know whether a size 6 will fit us or not? Well, I wouldn’t anyway.

The next craze sweeping menswear

The next craze sweeping menswear

And if it’s women’s jeans today, what will it be tomorrow? Perhaps we will be wearing their shorts and look reminiscent of John McInroe in his heyday. Why stop there? How about we go the whole hog and wear their knickers? I can see it now, the oversized male population queuing round the corner of Ann Summers to get our bra sizes measured and fitted.

We don’t know what the future holds, but if guys are actively trying to cut off all circulation to their ‘man area’ by squeezing into a woman’s pair of jeans, then we need not worry as there won’t be one. We have one fundamental job on this planet and that is to reproduce, but our desire to wear women’s jeans will prevent this happening.

Should guys be wearing women’s jeans? Should they be wearing any of their clothing at all? Tell me what you think!


24 Responses to If you never want kids, wear women’s jeans

  1. Nick says:

    too be fair, if men look good in them then its all good, after all most people nowadays are so fashion concious its untrue, and are always trying to be “different”. If a man feels comfortable in them then i think its alright, i mean i do!

  2. Bhav says:

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with guys wearing women’s jeans, but I know I might be in the minority!

    Girls wear “boyfriend jeans” so you know whatever. If it fits, wear it.

    • Tony says:

      No its just a one sided world. Like its hot for a women to be Bi but nasty for a man how is difrent i say to each his/her own

  3. thub says:

    Studog. As you know I have appeared in the odd panto dressed as a woman and how good it felt at the time.

    I was then keen to take off the womans clothing after the production. However I think you should expand this to men wearing make up. A bit of eye shadow or mascara, even trying dye your hair, how many blokes put red dye in their hair. What happens when you get older?

    Just 4 Men allows men to darken the grey bits. When do you stop!!! Men wearing womens clothing, men wearing make up, or are they just wearing men’s make up. Remember the 1980’s remember the fashion – could you tell, even the 1970’s Roy Wood as Wizzard, all that make up and dress, Freddie Mercury, Boy George… all good examples.

  4. Katie says:

    *Follow on for Thub*

    And David Bowie – who was sex god – Makeup and leggings included!!

    What can we say, the 80’s are back!

    And Stu, I’d love to see you in a pair of skin tight lady-jeans….. B.E.A.UTIFUL.

  5. stuartpeterkeithlewis says:

    80’s were the least stylish, least fun era. it’s all about the 90’s! and trust me, you will never get me in a pair of skinnys for the sheer fact i wont fit in a pair of skinnys.

    thanks for the posts guys!

  6. thub says:

    StuDog, Are you piling on the pounds. Remember how Boy George looked in the 80’s and now look at him.

    In terms of dressing up fave’s remember Marc Bolan, TRex and the guitarist from Sweet. Don’t forget rock groups, Yes, Kiss. for example.

    Then we had all those twits in the 80’s…… It is the decade we should forget (apart from the fact that Azza, StuDog and Pugsley were born).

    Katie – re the StuDog in ladyjeansm are you sure???

  7. BarnesBoar says:

    Chicken thighs, I know how you feel. I personally agree with you.

    I remember one time on Christmas Eve outing just gone, that my brother’s friend (I’ll leave names out of it just incase) told my brother Paul that he thought he saw me wearing ridiculously skinny jeans. Turns out it wasn’t me (duh, I’m a man), and it was someone else. The point is, he told Paul he looked gay because of those jeans. So it’s not just us thinking this!

    Well written blog Stu, you have a new subscriber.

  8. nicolaj88 says:

    lol stu your posts crap me up I love them. I rekon if you didn’t have thunder thighs you would probably do it too 😉 But I think its WRONG when guys wear womens jeans. Ross does it doesn’t he? And womens’ coats!? And Martin wears a lot of make up lol no he doesn’t but this may happen soon. Men are embracing their femininity a little far nowdays!! xx

  9. Morrissey says:

    Skinny jeans rock my world. Womens or Mens, I couldnt care less. If they look good then wear them! Lets face it no one honestly likes a big baggy pair of jeans do they?!

  10. ross says:

    haha, i love this.
    Personally my life would be complete the day i saw stu in a pair of women’s jeans.
    In response to what nicolaj88 said, i can’t deny it.
    I have a few pair’s of women’s jeans, a coat, and a few other items that could be considered ‘unmanly’.
    Where what you want if you like it and think it looks good – do it

  11. ross says:

    haha, i love this.
    Personally my life would be complete the day i saw stu in a pair of women’s jeans.
    In response to what nicolaj88 said, i can’t deny it.
    I have a few pair’s of women’s jeans, a coat, and a few other items that could be considered ‘unmanly’.
    Wear what you want, if you like it and think it looks good – do it

  12. Thub says:

    Concerned old codger from Steeple Claydon writes:

    Worried by Ross wanting to see Stu Dog in womans clothing.

    Would like to offer Ross therapy for not just owning but admitting to having womens jeans.

    Morrissey sad……

    • Tony says:

      If you’ve never worn womens jeans. How have you got the right to bitch. Try anything once twice if i like it is my moto.

  13. Jenna says:

    Skinny jeans are not that great on men…only men with certain style issues etc, men like Russel Brand…then it is fine. Otherwise men should be men…in MEN’S jeans!!! I love big men…men that actually have the appearance of men, i do not wish to be worried about the fact that i am bigger than my own boyfriend (even though that is unfortunately the case right now…but for totally different reasons). x

  14. Danielle says:

    First of all, This is so funny!
    Secondly i know someone who wears womens jeans purely because his waist is so small he cant physically fit into mens. so thats ok, altho i do die a little inside when i see him and i know my clothes would drown him.
    I think people should be allowed to wear what they like, if they are comfortable leave them be.

  15. tom says:

    from working in retail i can second this notion. so many men come in and try on womens jeans. the highlight for me is when they come to the till and i let them know they are womens jeans. the shock in their eyes is hilarious…and then they decide to buy them anyway. womens jeans, the clue is in the name, they are for women! good hustle studog

  16. YAA Adding this to my bookmarks. Thank You

  17. skinny says:

    What a funny article. Skinny jeans nowadays can complement men’s figures. Although I agree, if we ever want an effective way of reducing the world population, we should force every guy to wear skinny jeans. HAHA

  18. Fantastic post, I couldn’t agree more.

  19. joe says:

    I am a guy i can confess i like some women jeans . I would say most people have it all wrong . You see guy jeans have been missing something all along . Its called spandex . This helps the jeans perform when you move or bend . To get men’s jeans that fit with out crushing every thing they gotta be big and loose , this often requires a belt or have them fall off as you walk .

    Now when i wear a pair of women jeans i promise you would not know they were women jeans unless i told you or you had the very same pair . I wear them snug at the belt line Snug but a little loose in the rear and loose straight on the legs . Women jeans sit lower so this puts the jean where mens jeans should be actually .

    I have 2 favorites the first being old navy the flirt in a straight or boot cut ( top notch jeans for guys who want to wear jeans that fit and feel good ) the second is levis women 552 straight

    I do agree guys should not wear skinny all the way down to the ankles . If you want a great looking really good feeling jean try either of those they will not look girlish on if you get the right size and do not try to wear them tight . once you have the right ones i know you will love them .

    no matter what kinda tough guy you are .
    face it women jeans are made better with better materials.

    if the old navy flirts were in the guy section and you tried them you would love them . I do not really care if there women jeans or guy jeans i just know which is better.

    try it once and see for yourself , hell its only jeans it sure beats those guys wearing those pants that are hanging at the knees

  20. Tony says:

    Hi i’m a 40 year old man in alabama and as for me i love wearing womens jeans they make me feel sexy and my wife loves me in them. and yes we bye them at the stores and i’m not ashamed. This is a new day not the 50’s most of ya’ll types tell us its ok for ya’ll to wear what ever but men should be men. Well being a girl sometimes is fun for us too. so get over your self. I’m proude to say i’ve got a many a whisle from both sexes in my skin tight bulging crotch womens jeans. Just because you don’t find it atractive doesn’t mean all think like you.

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