So what if you’re a well-hard bouncer? I like McFly

Tuesday was our bi-weekly karaoke evening at our student union and I fancied a few drinks and a sing with some friends. Feeling confident and in-tune, I stepped up to the microphone with my housemate Nick when the DJ for the evening announced that we were to sing Star Girl by McFly, a personal favourite of mine.

Greeted with the usual mixture of sounds, from nonsensical ridicule to wailing screams from females (these are females who like McFly, not females who like us), we set about our rendition only to realise the bouncer was smirking and making jokes about our love of McFly to the DJ.

Okay, so you’re a bouncer, that makes you a man, right? There is a line from a Stereophonics song that goes “You look like a monkey scowling at me/ Well suck my banana, suck it with cream”. The song is called Doorman and is supposed to be vociferous and scathing attack at bouncers, yet, I think DJ Sherz may have taken this line a bit too literally.

McFly – Stargirl. Listen!

As DJ Sherz (what does that name even mean?) and the bouncer continue to mock, I decide that it’s a good idea to say that I have seen them on no less than three occasions… not entirely sure why I thought this was a good idea, but queue the DJ’s announcement to the rest of the student union about this little stat. In turn, queue more laughter from the audience and from the scowling monkey bouncer. Only for DJ Sherz to then turn to me (microphone is off at the point) and say that he actually quite likes them.

It seemed to me that he was using the microphone as an extension of his manhood to make him look the part in front of the bouncer. Take the microphone away and what do you get? A McFly fan.

A self-portrait of said bouncer

A self-portrait of said bouncer

Since when did bouncers set the goalposts of manhood? Are we to bow down to them just because they are seen as big tough men? No, but letting the bouncer make ignorant gay-jibes at us because you don’t want to appear emasculated in front of him bows down to his narrow-mindedness.

What my actual point is, since when was McFly listed under the genre of ‘gays and girls’. It isn’t to my knowledge? I’ve seen the bouncer jiving to Queen in the union before – I think they call this double-standards dancing – but the fact that the DJ had to keep his secret between us was nigh on comical, who cares what the bouncer thinks?

There is a Facebook group called ‘McFly are wasted on 10-year-old girls‘ set up by Stephen Tilson from Cardiff. Here is a quote from the group: “Even if I can’t persuade you [to join this group], it is you who is missing out through your narrow-mindedness. I’m not expecting this group to be huge, but I would like to spread the word and see who else like me is out there.”

Now I don’t know Stephen, but I would like to take this opportunity to make myself his 123rd member and congratulate him… there are plenty of people out there like you.

Anyway, we did Star Girl and it went well enough to get up there and do another song. This time we chose Air Hostess by Busted, to which DJ Sherz asked us: “Have you be to see them as well?”… Idiot.


Do you share a secret love for McFly? Or do you care for someone a little more embarrassing? Leave a comment and tell the world.


16 Responses to So what if you’re a well-hard bouncer? I like McFly

  1. Ben Hardinge says:

    Good article Stu, made me laugh.

    A well written opinion piece with some big topics on masculinity. Like it. keep up the good work

  2. ginjagodfollower says:

    awesome post! made me giggle, it’s not just guys though!

    I used to listen to Mcfly quite a lot *shock horror* but stopped after my older sister – going through a goth faze – announced it to all of my friends and they all laughed! Peer pressure is cruel =P …

    *switches to youtube to look up Mcfly*

  3. Kerry Freeman says:

    That made me giggle..I still prefer Busted though

  4. ditch says:

    This post doesnt really affect me, hate mcfly and hate kareoke…but rock on dude!

  5. hrpayne says:

    I LOVE mcfly! you should have sung Smile tho!
    I don’t think it’s a problem for men to like bands like Mcfly and Busted at all, everyone likes different things.
    I listen not only to Mcfly but Slipknot and Linkin Park. Not exactly girly is it?

    Good stuff Stui, lots of love

  6. tom says:

    i believe we sang this song not to long ago also! great song and a great performance. karaoke is all about singing ANY song, not just the classics, which, it pains me to say, is a regular occurance at our local karaoke scene. why do we have to listen to bryan adams and aerosmith every other week!!?? and every time mr.karaoke man says “heres a classic”, i dont care, give me something different to listen. in my most recent appearence at karaoke i sang no less than 7 songs. indeed i had had a few bevvies (no alco pops tho). included in my song list were abba, and of course, mcfly. dont look down at me dj, im giving the people what they want!!
    great write stu dog xx

  7. Charlotte Lewis says:

    Nice one Bro!!!!! I love Mcfly, and that had me chuckling!! Although Stu…. to contradict everything…. you are one of the most unmanly men i have ever had the pleasure to know haha its like having a sister!! lol!

    Nice one Stu!! xx

  8. stuartpeterkeithlewis says:

    Charlotte, I’m not entirely sure how I am contradicting myself. I don’t think I claimed to be manly, or this would be the manly blog, and that would contradict everything.

    Anyway, thanks for the comments guys

  9. nicolaj88 says:

    I love your blog, and your love for all things unmanly. However, can I kindly ask you to please stop subjecting us all to your singing every other tuesday?! 😛 I’m only kidding Stu, you have the voice of an angel. Well, something like that anyway!
    I loved busted through and trough, saw them once (or was it twice. Hmmm) and Mcfly were supporting, there were lots of guys there actually!

    Which bouncer was it? Want me to sort him out for you!? 🙂 x

  10. Ryan says:

    Well said stog!

    I sincerely wish I could have been there to witness your mcfly performance, i’m thinking our practice sessions on the way to loughboro may have paid off!

    Mcfly are quite simply amazing, and so many blokes out there like them, unfortunately there’s only a small selection willing to admit it – I’m proud to be in that number

    Good work stu x

  11. Katie says:

    I’m so gutted I missed your rendition of Star Girl….
    Such a beautiful song…. written by geniuses – who aren’t just wonderful musicians – but are GORGEOUS too…

  12. Thub says:

    Well studog, thanks for mentioning me about drinking, personally I am too old to drink 10 pints now, a cup of horlicks and a copy of the radio times and UKTV Gold and I’m happy.

    At my age I also like all sorts of music, including McFly. I once sung karaoke to Frank Sinatra, but still like snow patrol.

    Keep blogging my boy….. v interesting

  13. Hol says:

    Hey Stu!
    But McFly – they’re just so CUTE! How can you not like them – they’re like puppy dogs.
    I think you know me well enough by now to know that I like ALOT of different types of music. I’m not a fan of the fact that it’s ok for me to like Girls aloud, Lady Gaga etc, but if I said that I liked umm, I dunno…..Machine Head, Soil, Fort Minor, Drowning Pool, I get funny looks, or, looks that say – really – you know more than one song on one album?!
    Now with people who like yourself have varied tastes too, you’d just say cool, whereas some people’d just think that I was making it up – it’s not the ‘typical’ is it?
    I love that you’ve brought this issue up – just as much as I’d love to hear you sing ‘five colours’ 😀

  14. Mitch says:

    I too am not afraid to admit that I like Mcfly. What a bunch of talented musicians! If you spend time to look past the fluffy exterior and mildly cheesy lyrics theres some really good stuff.

    I have taken much abuse for my praise of Mcfly and will continue to as there are many out there still afraid to welcome their greatness.

    May they continue to write some of the catchiest songs this decade…..

  15. Danny says:

    Good stuff dude

    Ive seen McFly live before and they were chuffing awesome. As were Son of Dork when I saw them 😀

    Sorry I missed your performance


  16. tazmanian says:

    i agree with you stu, Mcfly were amazing when i saw them and who cares what music someone likes, judge them on who they are, not their tastes!

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